Safer Disposal Sites

Creating safer disposal sites safe for the environment

Friendly Services

Increasing public, private partnership for customer friendly services

Encouraging Communities

Encouraging communities to reduce waste at source


Azeem Shaukat Awan


CEO/MD Message

Change is the most cherished desire of customers these days. Citizens want governments to change the style of delivering services, and make them more ‘customer focused’. Some change is already visible to acute observers and the rest will be seen and felt by everyone with passage of time. We aim to bring in a change where government performs its duties to collect waste / garbage from every doorstep of populace, and the citizens respond by demonstrating a positive attitude of avoiding litter on streets and disposing waste as responsible citizens only in prescribed manner.

Services We Perform


Waste Collection

Door to Door & Container Based Collection


Manual Sweeping

Door to Door & Container Based Collection


Manual Sweeping

Door to Door & Container Based Collection


Mechanical Washing

FWMC mechanically wash major roads